Are you ready to welcome more (well-paying) clients?

YES! I've been there too.


If I can be honest with you, here's the real deal...


You show up everyday, following all of the marketing rules you’ve been taught.


Your to-do list is bursting at the seams.


Endless emails. Multiple social media platforms. Creating content "like it’s king."


But your bank account is feeling neglected. Because potential clients are staying that way. Potential.


So what’s the missing ingredient to get potential clients to hand over their hard earned cash? 




Because marketing isn’t selling.


And even though you’ve learned so much (you practically have a degree in marketing) you haven’t learned how to sell.


Selling is the only fundamental skill required to be in business.


Because if Facebook shut down tomorrow.
And your email service provider changed its privacy policy, deleting your entire list...


Could you still sell your services?

If the answer is NO, then it’s time to take the controls and change your business focus.


Learning how to sell is your first class ticket to consistent dream clients and a profitable business.


Because contrary to popular belief,


Sales can feel good.


Sales can make you feel like you’re changing the world every time someone pays you, instead of feeling like a pushy salesperson.


The secret to selling that feels good? You.


Your personality.

Your expertise.

Your strengths.


No tricks. No snappy gimmick.


Just you. A plan. And sales training.

An 8-Week Implementation Program For Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready For Their Business To Take Off.


Because The Flight Path To Destination Dream Business With A Fully Booked Waitlist Of Clients Is A Much Shorter Journey Than You Think.



 I’m Terra Bohlmann. I’m a Business Coach for  women who want to take over the world. 


 Think of me as the flight attendant on your first class flight to destination: dream business



As a former consultant to multi-million dollar companies, I learned early on that with a great system, you can have it all. You can be the CEO of your business and do all the things that you love to do, like travel the world.


With a system + proven business techniques you can become fully booked out with a wait list of clients by working smarter. Not harder.



    Is about getting your focus on EXACTLY what works for your business, so when it comes time to sell, your ideal clients have their wallets + hearts open, ready to pay you.



    Is about total clarity surrounding your signature niche and boosting your bottom line by only working with dream clients you absolutely adore.



    Is about giving yourself a promotion and progressing from ‘trapped in coach’ business owner to stand out first class CEO with a wait-list of clients 6 months long.


Your Business Should Be First Class.
Stop Settling For Less.




How It Works:


My model of turning your business around is a three-step approach.



1. Teach.


It's an exciting time in your life to grow your business. I teach you exactly what you need to know in strategic order. (Using simple step-by-steps that build on each other).


2. Do.


You get to avoid the mistakes because you know exactly what to do. You do the work, implementing your newfound knowledge into your business. (Including done-for-you templates and tools to make it easy on you).


3. Review.


The guesswork is removed on if you "did it right" or not. I review your work and give you feedback via custom recorded videos. (Oh get my brain working on your business, too)

The Exact Flight Path To Boarding Clients Now + Forever:

First stop, Clarity

In week one, you’ll finally answer the question: "Who am I selling to?" You’ll learn how to get in the mindset of your perfect client so you can connect on a true, honest + deep level.

In week two, you’ll create your perfect client profile using my Proven + Perfect Clients Template. You’ll submit your client template to me to personally review and provide customized feedback via a recorded video.

In week three, you’ll niche down on the one thing you’re selling and you’ll learn how to create your unique signature offer + pricing strategy.

In week four, you’ll create your signature offer using the Signature Offer Success Template. You’ll submit your new signature offer to me for personalized review. Then, I'll provide customized feedback via recorded video.

Second stop, Cash


In week five, you’ll learn how you’re going to sell your signature offer to your perfect ideal clients.

In week six, you’ll develop your very own sales system using my easy, done-for-you Sales Success Tool. You’ll submit your sales system to me for personalized review. Then, I'll provide you customized feedback via a recorded video.

Third stop, Confidence

In week seven, we’ll be diving head first into automating your sales for consistent results.

In week eight, you’ll set up your very own lead generation tools using my Rinse + Repeat Sales Automation Method. You’ll submit your automation to me for personalized review. Then, I'll provide you customized feedback via a recorded video.

The Final Stop, Celebrate!


And Continue To Sell With A Smile

(Because You Have A System That Works For You)


The Flight Path To Destination Dream Business With A Fully Booked Wait-List Of Clients Is You, A Proven-System + Sales Skills.


 This Is Your Final Boarding Call.

I give you permission to ditch your half-finished eCourses.
They’re not working anyway.

You’re posting regularly on social media, like you were told by that online marketing guru, but you may as well be shouting into the Grand Canyon.


Get rid of your to-do list that just has you stuck in mindless busywork and chasing your tail.


Let’s work together and get you out of that holding pattern and straight into first class sales.


Where you actually get paid to do what you love.


On repeat. Forever.


It's time you earned your flight wings.